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Career counselling

Employees of Aspekt have been working in career counselling for a long time. They also devote themselves intensively to their education. We get this, for example, by studying at foreign universities, such as Stockholm University, or Oslo and Akershus University College. As is well known, the Nordic countries are considered to be at the forefront of career guidance.

Aspekt is a member of the National Counselling Forum, which is the top institution dealing with career counselling in the Czech Republic. We participate in conferences and other events on this topic. We also exchange experiences with our foreign partners, especially from Norway, Austria, and Finland.

We have an ongoing project called EDECO. The EDECO project brings a great benefit to us. Based on our own counselling experience and experience in lecturing courses, we decided that we would like to support the development of counsellors. Counsellors working on a constructivist basis.

We, therefore, contacted our foreign colleagues and prepared the project „European Development of Counsellors“, abbreviated to EDECO. The application from the Erasmus plus program was approved in 2018 and we were able to start working on our plan. Prepare a new, yet model training for counsellors, which will focus on the internal settings of the counsellor and thus support his or her counselling work. We are pleased that great professionals from Austria, Finland, Slovakia, and Slovenia are working with us on our plan.


Verein zur Arbeitsplatzförderung (Austria),

Spangar Negotiations (Finland),


Zdruzenie pre karierove poradenstvo a rozvoj kariery (Slovakia).

Together we are preparing a model training for counsellors, which is focused on supporting their inner state so that they can handle situations with the clients better.

We presented our training, for example, at the IAEVG conference in Bratislava, The conference was on the topic of Career Guidance for Inclusive Society.

The project benefits us in many ways. On the one hand, its content is very actively co-created by Lenka Cole and Lucie Sedláčková as lecturers. Besides, counsellors Nikola Ladnarová and Michaela Rožková are involved in it as participants in the model training. We are very proud of them because everything is done in English :). And we are also moving forward in project management because the whole project is coordinated by our organization. Michal Pejskar is in charge of the management. You can learn more about the project at

In our work, we always combine suitable approaches and techniques, the theoretical background is important to us. We prefer SocioDynamic counselling the most. In our opinion, it corresponds to the conditions of our world and the view of life in it. You can find more about it, for example, at However, in accordance with its principles, we also use, for example, elements from coaching, when compiling the client’s portfolio or planning, we are inspired by the Swiss CH-Q method, in which all our internal lecturers are also trained. We always strive to make our client as active as possible and everything unfolds according to the client´s ideas and needs.

Aspekt z.s. has been implementing courses for counsellors since 2010 and more than 300 counsellors have passed through them. Among the participants, there are teachers who are also educational counsellors, or are engaged in the field of career counselling within their subjects, as well as employees of various counselling centers, non-profit organizations, educational institutions. In addition to the courses listed below, we prepare tailor-made courses and workshops. Thus, events were created, for example, for the Euroguidance Center, NÚOV, MAP Olomouc, or the Pedagogical Psychological Counselling Center of the Hradec Králové Region, as well as many courses in the department of labor offices. Our courses are based on theory and are also based on daily meetings with clients of counselling and employers.


Our offer of courses in Czech language:

Vzdělávací a tréninkový program pro kariérové poradenství

Je akreditovaný MPSV podle zákona o sociálních službách a MŠMT pro další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků a navíc je stále pod odbornou garancí profesora Trona Inglara z Oslo and Akershus University College.


Sociodynamické poradenství

Kurz je akreditován MPSV podle zákona o sociálních službách a MŠMT pro další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků.

Objevte způsob poradenství pomáhající lidem nalézat řešení, která mají v sobě.

Strategie a techniky v poradenství

Kurz je akreditován MPSV podle zákona o sociálních službách a MŠMT pro další vzdělávání pedagogických pracovníků.

Základem je koncept a kategorizace čtyř strategií.

Individuální poradenství

Individuálně poskytujeme kariérové poradenství všem zájemcům, kteří se chtějí profesně zorientovat. Nejčastěji jej využívají žáci a studenti, kteří zvažují obor dalšího studia, výjimkou nejsou dospělí, kteří zvažují, kam se směrovat dál. Hodina konzultace stojí 400 Kč. Počet konzultací je individuální, obvykle se scházíme dvakrát až třikrát.